6 Foot 7 Foot (7 Foot 8 Foot) Lyrics – Insane Clown Posse & Lyte

6 Foot 7 Foot (7 Foot 8 Foot) Lyrics by Insane Clown Posse, Lyte is the latest English song lyrics written by Shaggy 2 Dope, Lyte, Violent J and produced by Lyte.


6 Foot 7 Foot (7 Foot 8 Foot) Song Details

Song: 6 Foot 7 Foot (7 Foot 8 Foot)
Singer: Insane Clown Posse, Lyte
Written: Shaggy 2 Dope, Lyte, Violent J
Produced: Lyte

6 Foot 7 Foot (7 Foot 8 Foot) Lyrics

Uh ha excuse my charisma
Like an escaped prisoner
Hoes got me in some hot pursuit
Cause I can shoot my jizzma
Like a firehose I suppose my glowing shine Is ma
Proof im the truth
Groups of hoes love my stigma
I’m aloof and dog with my ninja poof an enigma
Expose hoes fu*k the neden hoes
With my action figure
Dre and Snoop stop the coup
And your toupee ‘ll split cha
With my flows on my toes
King of pop always hit cha
Life is the shit is fire
Brains out
Jump out the lights into the pit
Su*k on a grenade
Pop until your top splatter
Serve it at your funeral
Appetizer platter
Headbutt a brick wall until your skull shatta
Let a whore sit on your face
400 pounds or fatter
Don’t matta
Fu*k your step sister
Pussy drama
Hit the church of scientology
A Suicide bomber
I’ll be the first to admit it gets worse
I’m a s*x addict
Gotta stab your daughter, sister, or your momma
Ha Ha
Or neice, cousin, auntie, grandma
I’m going back in
I lost my mind
It’s somewhere out there missing
Seen an elephant and a chipmunk
Fu*kin and tongue kissing
Is there statutory
Do your funk fizzle
I ain’t dissin
Used to have rock guitars
But now their Bobby Marz missing
Fade into obscurity
Got one chance don’t blow this
Didn’t make it
Fell underneath
No heart to show us
Some hate us cause it’s us that be here and know this “{?}”
And down grade their record companies like retards
Talkin to myself
Please commit a mass murda
Barbeque their bodies
Want some cheese on your ass burger?

Get served
Im shaggy the clown
Bitch murderer
From the Detroit south west and forty miles out of shitzburgh
I flip birds
Forty bottles through your mouth

Joey! Yo’ve got your own fu*kin album out

Real killa all day and foreva
When will we expire or retire?
Bitch, neva
Every week we complete and freak a brand new endeavor
I’m tryin to fu*k Whittney Peyton
She always hatin tho
Nova can’t go swell up or blow a product cation “{?}”
I’m trying to hit that neden
I don’t wanna do no gay song
You lookin for the rub shit
I’m lookin for a rub down
Erotic city uptown
The psychopathic scrub down
PPPoppin two adderalls, three viagras and molle
Fu*kin two drunk cougars
Back seat of a Denali
Everything you ninjas drop
A complete miss
But George dives (daddies?) pockets deeper than the abyss
Nice office and studio that everyone uses
So you must be magik
Every move yall make
Paper chasin
Tell that paper I already caught cha
To paid off hustlers whoo (or 2?)
Two issues I bought cha
Every series I seize is a cemetery is one I fought cha
Tell Michael Jacksons Daughter
Fu*kin Janet as I watch cha
Jump Steady turned me on to support our own goals
With dicks like telephone poles
Dig in hella blows
Become a center of our own clothes
No finger gloves and white rags
Stunnas like Stone Cold
We blinging stuff with hatchet flags
Some of us grown older and had these fu*king up pajamas
Always my full “{?}” in the eyes
Excuse my manners

Word to my momma
I’m hotter than lava clean
You would wanna be a bomb in your team
Now it’s a drama scene
The chop er it up
Have you missin like Hoffa
Like Dr. King
I got a dream and vision so popular
When it comes to cash I’m a monsta *Roar*
Cause all I do is seek out??
But I got the works stuffed in the pussy that’s a G spot
Keep sleepin on me
I’m in your dreams like Kruger
Fu*k how your feelin
I’m a villain just like Lex Luther
And your hoe I’m a do her
She bout to blow like a tuba
You talkin wrong *pow* I’m letting go of the Ruger
I’ll be laughin about your rappin while I’m cracking the ruler
Shout out to Psychopathic for splittin em up for the gouda
Dang life is hot “{?}”
I tear it up like a roofa
It’s a small thing to a giant and they be soft as a loofa
Ma fu*ks already that time for the show
I’m arrive and load that 9 and blow your mind
For my flow is a crime
Yes, I’m a poet when I ride *boss*
Flow in the department with a sign with the dough “{?}”
And I climb in my side “{?}”
Better get away before I come for your throat and spine
Let it soak in you swine..Pussy
I’m a man of my word and I always be ahead
I’m a bust through the rust so you know it’s me
Glass City certified mine star ya dig “{?}”
Ya Heard lizzle

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