Collect Caller Lyrics – Tomberlin

Collect Caller Lyrics from i don’t know who needs to hear this​.​.​. is the latest English song sung by Tomberlin.Collect Caller song lyrics written by Tomberlin and produced by Phil Weinrobe, Tomberlin.


Collect Caller Song Details

Song: Collect Caller
Album: i don’t know who needs to hear this​.​.​.
Singer: Tomberlin
Written: Tomberlin
Producer: Phil Weinrobe, Tomberlin

Collect Caller Lyrics

Collect caller
Don’t even bother
See you run around town befriending anyone
Who will spill an idea or a bag of drugs

Collect caller
Go stack your followers
Networking at every show
Could build the Tower of Babel as you babble on

Collect caller
I know it’s harder
To be in a room feeling like a ghost
But it might be better than everyone knowing

Collect caller
Don’t say you’re a baller
You’re a white boy living on your daddy’s dime
No hate, I know these are very rough timеs
Collect caller
Go get your dollar
Disappеaring from the table before the bill is paid
But at least I got out before you got my name

Collect caller
Your world’s getting smaller
Take two steps forward as she takes one back
Play it so dumb but I know it ain’t that

Collect caller
Collect caller
Collect caller

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