dark angel Lyrics – iann dior

dark angel Lyrics from on to better things is the latest English song sung by ​iann dior.dark angel song lyrics written by Andrew Luce, KBeaZy and produced by Andrew Luce, KBeaZy.This song published by iann dior.

dark angel Lyrics

dark angel Lyrics

I made a deal with a dark little angel
Gave me fortune for soul
Welcome to my twisted fantasy
This is what I call my home

A hole never ending
Listen to my wicked tone
The darkness surrounding
I can feel it take control

I know it’s not smart

And now it’s bad enough

That I’m a punk with a twisted brain

I’ll die a rock star
Like Marilyn Monroe

I’m feelin’ bad for the damage when the deed is done

It’s close I taste it

I’m ready to take over

I get impatient

A sickness I can’t control

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dark angel Song Details

Song: dark angel
Album: on to better things (2022)
Singer: ​iann dior
Lyrics: Andrew Luce, KBeaZy
Music: Andrew Luce, KBeaZy
Label: ​iann dior