First Day Out Lyrics – Tee Grizzley

First Day Out Lyrics by Tee Grizzley is the latest English song lyrics written by Ismail Abdul-Aziz, Helluva Beats, Tee Grizzley and produced by Helluva Beats.


First Day Out Song Details

Song: First Day Out
Singer: Tee Grizzley
Written: Ismail Abdul-Aziz, Helluva Beats, Tee Grizzley
Produced: Helluva Beats

First Day Out Lyrics

These niggas prayed on my downfall (they what?)
These niggas prayed on my downfall
On all ten, bitch I stood tall
Show these disloyal niggas how to ball

Go get a thermometer for the pot, I need this shit cooked right
Let’s keep that water 400 degrees Fahrenheit
You ever been inside a federal court room?
Nigga you ever went to trial and fought for your life?
Being broke did something to my spirit
Asked niggas to plug me, they act like they couldn’t hear me
Look at me now, driving German engineering
You don’t want your baby mama f**ked, keep the ho from near me
Kilroy, remember I used to use your L’s to hit the road
Hit the O and make them big boy sales?
Moo, remember when you had them green things mailed
With vacuum seals trying not to have them green things smelled?
Feds was on me, what you know about related through money
I don’t know nothing, I just used to see ’em walk to the Coney
I f**k with bitches my body count go from Pershing to Cody
Any further questions, you can take that up with the lawyer
My nigga Fenkell, J Money, Brightmo Lo, Project Joe
Will tell you everyday before school I sold a half bow
How you think I won best dressed with no support?
And had them paid lawyers coming in and out of court
Aye Dwan though, aye Theo ain’t it a blessing?
We made it out Kentucky after all that happened?
After the pre-trials, after the status
After them impact statements, after the castle

Aye JR nigga, ain’t it a blessing?
We made it out of Lansing after all that happened?
After Michigan State, after Hubbard
When our mans told on us, them bands they took from us
Joy road bitch, but the money long as six mile
Brick mile, knock your bitch down
Pick her up, knock her back down, pull her tracks out
Yes I slap girl, yes I slap dog, yes I slap loud
Yes I’ll slap a pussy nigga if he act out
Yes I caught cases on the road with them killers
Bro kill me if I snitch, cause if you snitch I’m gon’ kill you
Spent a lot of time on that yard with them gorillas
Stood tall, did I let niggas hoe me? Quit being silly
I know for a fact your bitch pussy get wet for a nigga
Cause I do it better, plus I’m doing better than niggas
I’m at home when I’m down there in Lexington nigga
‘Bout the king, they gone drop you and who next to you nigga
Unc said Lil T, “Get ahead of them niggas”
When you take off, don’t look back and try to rescue them niggas
You killed his mans? Then make sure you get the rest of them niggas
Don’t let them get the best of you, just get the revenue nigga”
So let me know what you can handle, okay come grab it
Here go some extras, so if I’m busy you can manage
Fiends happy, bling dancing, eating sixty dollar salad
Get it there and back, tell the feds I need a challenge
My first offer was 30 years, not a day lower
I told them crackers holler at me when they sober
On parole, I’m a felon, you think I ain’t got that blower?
Yeah you right, bro take his head off his f**king shoulders (boom boom boom!)
You hear me? Hit the Rollie store with the Rollie on
What was our getaway car? A Jag Portfolio
You hear me? aye I heard I had some sneak dissers
Whoever feeling hot, that AR got a heat sensor
Cause said don’t entertain them hungry niggas
I wish I would pay attention to these homeless niggas
Don’t call my phone, I don’t want to do no song with niggas
And tell yo bitch to tighten up before I bone her, nigga
I don’t know you niggas, f**k wrong with niggas?
Through these white buffs I can see the hoe in niggas
Free my nigga Parico, that boy be hoeing niggas
Shoot the smile off your face, I don’t joke with niggas
Boy I can’t trust you with that strap if you ain’t got no bodies
Boy I can’t take you on no lick if you ain’t robbed nobody
You ain’t no shooter, you can’t do that shit without no molly
I came home and had the hoes wetter than Kalahari
Thirty months ago niggas ain’t think that I was coming home
Shout out to them niggas’ freaks that I been cumming on
Get em to the crib, bust em down, now bitch run along
This SK’ll get to shaking like there’s something wrong
Thirty bands two times, watch this money clone
The feds say my name hot like when the oven on
Bitch I came home to my lil brother gone
Niggas say they looking for me, pull up in the Skuddy zone
Who said I’m a snitch? You just heard a lie from him
Better check the black and white, that paperwork will vouch for him
Zero toleration for that nigga, take his life from him
He don’t want that pistol play? Okay I’ll Tyson him
I ain’t hear from bitches when I had them blues on
So soon as I’m done f**king, put your shoes on
I’m on parole in two states, I can’t move wrong
The feds trying to build a case, I can’t move wrong
I went to trial back to back, bitch I’m two and oh
The state of Kentucky banned me from every jewelry store
Say I can’t even be in public with my hoodie on
Michigan State don’t want him here, they don’t know what he on

I know they prayed on my downfall
I know they prayed on my downfall
On all ten bitch I stood tall
Show these disloyal niggas how to ball

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