Florida Shit Lyrics – Tory Lanez

Florida Shit Lyrics from FARGO FRIDAYS (Season 3) is the latest English song sung by Tory Lanez.Florida Shit song lyrics written by Tory Lanez and produced by AJAY, Nik Dean.This song published by Tory Lanez.


Florida Shit Song Details

Song: Florida Shit
Album: FARGO FRIDAYS (Season 3)
Singer: Tory Lanez
Written: Tory Lanez
Producer: AJAY, Nik Dean
Label: Tory Lanez

Florida Shit Lyrics

That’s why I fucked your bitch
Haha, aye, aye
This shit specially sent out [It’s specially sent
To all my niggas from Florida [All my bitches too
Haha, aye, aye
Yeah, I’m talking North Miami, poppin’ to Orlando
Jacksonville, Tampa, all y’all niggas up there, I see you [Oh, shit, bitch
Aye, Kodak, you gon’ be proud of this flow right here, watch this, watch this, aye

I swear for God, I’m only stepping for my own fam
I’m praying when I see my enemy, this shit don’t jam
He been staying inside like quarantine, that’s why I don’t see him
Hope my label drop, they know it’s me soon as them ho’s see ’em
I’m swagging up out that hot car, look like I’m Puerto Rican [What?
From out of the dark, we rockstars, and plus, we holding pieces
You wouldn’t even let me get that pussy, why you wanna tease me?
You want your period at 5 A.M, then why you wanna see me? [Lil’ bitch
I’m putting my foot down on these ho’s and now they talking easy
Getting ready to dip all on this chick, it look like Polynesian
My flow west-side, my bitch chest out
Got, cut up my
Got to hop up and ride this dick ’cause ain’t no time to test drive
She ain’t do shit for your side, but she getting fucked, this side
Twenty thousand dollars in bottles, my tendencies taller
Lie to him, set up his runts, but I sold him gelato
I know that bitch be calling me daddy

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