FUK EM Lyrics – SSGKobe

FUK EM Lyrics from EUPHORIA is the latest Spanish song sung by SSGKobe and featuring SSGKobe, Lil Yachty.FUK EM song lyrics written by SSGKobe, Lil Yachty and produced by Trgc.

FUK EM Lyrics

FUK EM Lyrics

Yeah (Brrt)
Hey, hey, hey

If I’m ’round, niggas know what I’m on
Played the cards I was dealt, quick to take the bitch home
My heart don’t pound, heartbreak, thank God
I’d never let hoes wear out my ride
[?] push and ride
Push around my niggas
I been that west coast [?] I need [?] I need pills, I need pills for the dealer
We get high we [?] they tried to kill us

Fuck ’em (Brrt)
That’s how I’m feeling, man, fuck all of ’em, fuck ’em (Brrt)
Fuck em all
Gang on gang on gang

Hey, hey, hey
She see the diamonds they dance on my nеck, a chandelier (Yuh)
All of the niggas that claim thеy hate me fans of me, yeah
Shawty, she suck it on cam, a new movie, a premiere (Yeah)
They wasn’t there from the start, now new niggas start appearing
Hey, listen, that boy was talking shit then he went missing
I-I-I got my chop by my side, I can’t risk it
I’m with my princess, CDG on her, she winnin’
She [?] they talking to me, she started shaking when talking to me
Doing a diss ’cause he can’t get a feat
I need a bag, I’m not talking for free, yeah-ooh

That’s how I’m feeling, man, fuck all of ’em, fuck ’em (Yeah-ooh)
I need a bag I’m not talking for free, yeah-ooh
Hey, hey, hey (Yeah)

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FUK EM Song Details

Song: FUK EM
Singer: SSGKobe
Written: SSGKobe, Lil Yachty
Producer: Trgc
Featuring: Lil Yachty