Lonely Fans Lyrics – Coi Leray

Lonely Fans Lyrics from Trendsetter is the latest English song sung by Coi Leray.Lonely Fans song lyrics written by Die Next Weekend, Coi Leray and produced by Die Next Weekend.This song published by Republic Records.


 Lonely Fans Song Details

Song: Lonely Fans
Album: Trendsetter
Singer: Coi Leray
Written: Die Next Weekend, Coi Leray
Producer: Die Next Weekend
Label: Republic Records

 Lonely Fans Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, let’s go, yeah

Time is money baby (Yeah)
Make that money baby (Let’s go)
200k in the basement (The basement)
Four, five, just for the bracelet (Ooh)
Want to go somewhere vacant (Vacant)
Nobody can see my pain (See my pain)
But I sat back and waited (Back and waited)
And I sipped on that drink (On that drink)
‘Cause the drink gon’ make me think (Make me think)
Yeah, the drink gon’ get me faded (Get me faded)
I’m rich and yeah, I made it (Bitch, I made it)
Won’t let the money make me (Uh)
Thank God that I waited (I waited, uh, yeah)
Thank God that waited (Thank God that I waited)
Let’s get this show started (Show started)
Bitch, I am the show (Bitch, I am the show)
Back-in get it and go (Get it and go)
I don’t wear Jordan lows (No)
Yeah, niggas act like hoes (Act like hoes)
Bitch, my neck froze
Yeah, water, boat
Uh, yeah
Bitch, that’s perfect timing
Yeah, VVS and 100K on Avianne diamonds, yeah
So much water would’ve thought I was a pirate
Uh, we don’t do too much
We just move in silence
Uh, my brother gon’ hold it down
He gon’ stay silent
Yeah, house in the hills with a gate
Got to live in private, yeah
Missed that Delta flight, so I flew private
Yeah, bought another Rollie ’cause these bitches be watchin’
Uh, yeah, all I gotta do is sneeze
I’m trending topic (Ayy)
Yeah, bitches this off the head
No pen and pad, we punchin’
I fucked that nigga, then I dubbed him
Uh, ’cause baby I get to the money
I got to get to that, uh

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