Make It Last Lyrics – Rockie Fresh

Make It Last Lyrics by Rockie Fresh is the latest English song lyrics written by Rockie Fresh and produced by Giftcartoonz.This song published by Rockie Fresh.


Make It Last Song Details

Song: Make It Last
Singer: Rockie Fresh
Written: Rockie Fresh
Producer: Giftcartoonz
Label: Rockie Fresh

Make It Last Lyrics

I’m only trusting the man above
When you turn me down, you turn me up
I got no problem with showing love
I did shit for free but, they want a cut
They been knowin’ I’m the one, still they want to treat me like I’m runner-up
Number One one stunner, can’t stunt on us
They hate but, they bitches still gonna fuck with us
Please don’t treat us like some amateurs
We don’t even post 90% what’s caught on these cameras
I stop saying “My Life A Movie” cause that made me a character
From High School to the League
I feel like KG out of Farragut
I see the future but, not on some tarot shit
Don’t bet against me, save you some embarrassment
You got one life, you really should cherish it
Stop hating on people and get on yo money shit
Get off the dummy shit, goofy shit
Tryna make me think I’m losing it but
When I ball , I wanna benefit

When I get extra with all the expenditures
When I need money you not who I get from
One winter, I spent about 10,000 on Timberlands
Clearly I was too booted up
Your first 100k feel like a M until you go fuck up
First they love us then they hate us, now they back tryna fuck with us
Sleep when you available
Then want to get in touch when ya out of touch
I take my time with shit, I don’t like to rush
Take my time when a fuck bitch, just in case this shit my last

Gotta know the good girls from bad hoes
Sometimes you gotta pass
You ain’t got no business in that hood but
You feel good because you got a pass
I was so lit when I was doing this shit , I had to tell you on the track
If you can’t recognize this real shit, I might suggest you run it back

Staying sleep is easy, staying up takes work
Imma smoke weed up, let’s get higher
Get paid more than once a month
I been running everything up
I been running everything up
Now we up

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