Neeye Oli Lyrics – Sarpatta Parambarai

Neeye Oli Lyrics from Sarpatta Parambarai is the latest Tamil song sung by Navz-47, Shan Vincent de Paul.Neeye Oli song lyrics penned by Svdp (english), Arivu (tamil) and the beautiful music has been given by Santhosh Narayanan.


Neeye Oli Song Details

Song: Neeye Oli
Movie: Sarpatta Parambarai
Singer: Navz-47, Shan Vincent de Paul
Lyrics: Svdp (english), Arivu (tamil)
Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Neeye Oli Lyrics

Uh ye
You can’t bury alive anything that was ready to die
You can’t clip wings made of fire
That’s god’s work
The phoenix saga continues…

Neeye oli, nee thaan vali
Oyathini odambe
Neeye thadai neeye vidai
Soodaak kiddu narambe

Six feet deep where
They left us for dead and I
Dug myself out the mud
With my knuckles
Learned to float like a butterfly
Sting like a killer bee
Kill or be fuel for them fools
Is you kidding? Shit
I would rather be in hell
For being reckless with my special
Bet you bet you bet you bet you
Before I see the pearly gates
I’ll be shining
With my pearly whites
And smiling in their face
Spit the blood up out my mouth
And move them mountains out the way

Sottum sottum veyrva
Thinam sollum
Unakkoru theerva
Acham acham porva
Athai vittu
Illaka nee serva
Munnadi vai kaala
Parampara nimirum unnala
Muneri vai kaala
Thalamura eluthum unpera
Kadala ponguthu rosam
Vilaiyadu unokkosam
Thadai sollaa thaippasum
Nee jaikkanum athukkosum
Kadala ponguthu rosum
Vilaiyadu, unokkosum
Thadai sollaa thaippasum
Nee jaikkanum athukkosum

Neeye oli, nee thaan vali
Oyathini, odambe
Neeye thadai, neeye vidai
Soodaakkiddu, narambe

Ten toes down we in this bitch
Ten rounds up against the ropes
Act like king of jungle and
End up as some antelopes
Who gonna pray for
You when you meet
Your maker at the end of that barrel?
Who gonna sing for you
When you sing that swan song
With no encore?
Back when I was blooming
Couldn not buy my mamma shit
Had to tell her hold on
I got made in jaffna in the clip
Had no food up in the house
I couldn’t buy my daughter lunch
Now I’m bout to take my mamma house shopping after brunch
A bunch of mother fuckin
Undercover swine
That’s trying to slide
Inside this culture
That we fought for
Flipped and built into empires
Made some millis with no middlemen
We did this independent
I was gonna kill a couple
But they wouldn’t let me finish
Like stop he is dead already”
Svdps off his meds already
Gotta take that up with
The head committee
I don’t run this joint
I’m just settling
A hand of god a messenger
A prophet or a servant
For the people
I’ve been sleeping
On the edge of sanity
And leaping into my glory
All glory to god

Yeru yeru yeru
Yeru yeru yeru nee mela
Inga yaaru yaaru yaaru
Yaarumilla un pola

Urukkulaintha udamba usupu
Irulladaintha ellumba ellupu
Inikuninja idathil
Nimirnthu sanatha thirattu

Onankku neethaan ella
Thonaikku yaarum illa
Adida adima unara
Idida imayum thinara
Adida adima unara
Idida imayum thinara
Adida adima unara
Idida imayum thinara

Back on my glorious shit again
This is the making of legends
Who making a killing
We make it look easy
I know this is the issue
Cause now you got dummies
Who testing me
Knowing that this is a pedigree
Only made only
When making a goat
Tell me again
Who you think is a threat
And I bet I can show you
The butt of a joke
Show me a rapper
I could not behead
And I will show you
A body that’s standing alone
Used to look up to
My idols on my tv
Now I look up to
My idols on my mantle
When I told you
I was greatest brown rapper
I was lying
I meant any mammal
I meant any pigment
I meant any everybody
Eeny meeny miny anybody get it
Pick out any mother fucker
Any generation any city
Any kind of tier
A feather welter heavy weight
Or anybody in the weighting room
That’s waiting by
Stick a fork in every category this
Been over way before it started out
Now they went and woke a sleeping giant up from slumber
Look what you done started now

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