Night Before Christmas Lyrics – Sam Smith

Night Before Christmas Lyrics by Sam Smith is the latest English song with music also given by Sam Smith, David Odlum, Simon Aldred.Night Before Christmas song lyrics written by Sam Smith, Simon Aldred.


Night Before Christmas Song Details

Song: Night Before Christmas
Singer: Sam Smith
Lyrics: Sam Smith, Simon Aldred
Music: Sam Smith, David Odlum, Simon Aldred

Night Before Christmas Lyrics

The treetops are leaning they’re covered in snow
The fire is burning and you’re nearly home
The bars are all empty I can’t hear a soul
With everything closed now there’s nowhere to go

Come rest your weary head on my chest
The year is behind us we’re still at our best
The magic of christmas is what’s coming next
So lean in and kiss me and all of the rest

Baby this time of year can make you feel old
But when I am with you I don’t feel the cold

So let’s dance in the kitchen and climb up the stairs
I hope when we wake up there’s love everywhere
Baby this time of the yearcan make you feel old
But when I am with you I don’t feel the cold

Hold onto your lovers be good to your friends
Remember the people who are no longer there
Lean into the moment the memories you share
And have a merry christmas everyone everywhere

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