Shaaru In Town Lyrics – Super Sharanya

Shaaru In Town Lyrics from Super Sharanya is the latest Malayalam song sung by Suhail Koya.Shaaru In Town song lyrics written by Suhail Koya and the beautiful music has been given by Justin Varghese.This song published by Saregama.


Shaaru In Town Song Details

Song: Shaaru In Town
Movie: Super Sharanya
Singer: Suhail Koya
Lyrics: Suhail Koya
Music: Justin Varghese
Label: Saregama

Shaaru In Town Lyrics

Talking on a phone ‘aa
She might call a herself
A mam or madonna

Taking on a road ‘aa
Looking for a track
Old ‘aa purana

Walking like a cat ‘aa
Waving tata to her
Friend shabbana

Na na

Seating time ‘am
Beating at a diner
Waiting plate shawarma

Tweeting what am eating
And am posing
Like am on manorama

Sweeping and am weeping
And am keeping
Straight face like my mamma


Hopping drive I’m dropping by
And shopping phone penta menaka
Kochin town I’m taking down like
A wrecking ball high on drama
Shouting when am outing
And they doubting like my ilayama


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