Southeast to Paris Lyrics – IDK

Southeast to Paris Lyrics from Simple is the latest English song sung by IDK.Southeast to Paris song lyrics written by Rascal, IDK and produced by Rascal, IDK.


Southeast to Paris Song Details

Song: Southeast to Paris
Album: Simple
Singer: IDK
Written: Rascal, IDK
Producer: Rascal

Southeast to Paris Lyrics

Immediately he challenged and took it away from [?] gradually falling back in, uh
In uh, fourth place, 18 seconds behind…
I’m sorry but, like, when did being rich go out of style?
I feel like I grew up poor and the moment that I fucking get a bit of money, everyone’s always telling me that it’s like-
Bullshit, and like, that it’s really unfashionable
And I’m supposed to give all my money to someone else
And I’m like, “No, I just want to buy a fucking shit load with fur coats and diamonds, alright?”
I want to have the best time of my life

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