The Bridge Lyrics – Sting

The Bridge Lyrics from The Bridge is the latest English song sung by Sting.The Bridge song lyrics written by Sting and produced by Martin Kierszenbaum, Sting.

The Bridge Lyrics

The Bridge Lyrics

They say there’s a bridge up there
Up there in the mist
Some will deny it’s there
Others will tell you it don’t even exist

It’s not made of iron or steel nor stone
Yet it spans the rising waters
We are but bags of blood and bone
If we carry the weight of our sons and our daughters

And now that feels are rather drowned
And we climb up to the ridge
Some will seek the higher ground
Some of us the bridge

If all is bеhind us
Beneath us swollen rivеr
The bridge we will find somehow
Only then we would be delivered

Though some will claim to be inclined
It’s a figment or a ghost
But the bridge is deep inside the mind
Invisible to most

And now the city’s all but drowned
And here upon the ridge
Some will seek the higher ground
Some of us the bridge

We’ll open the gates that we may follow
Open the bridge to all of us
Open the floodgate to the river
Open the bridge that we may cross

The Bridge Song Details

Song: The Bridge
Album: The Bridge
Singer: Sting
Lyrics: Sting
Music: Martin Kierszenbaum, Sting
Label: A&M Records, Cherrytree Records, Interscope Records