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The Feels (Korean Ver.) Lyrics from Formula of Love: O+T=˂3 is the latest Korean song sung by TWICE.The Feels (Korean Ver.) song lyrics written by CHAEYOUNG, ​collapsedone, Boy Matthews, Anna Timgren, J-Hype and composed by collapsedone, J-Hype, Anna Timgren.This song published by JYP Entertainment.

The Feels (Korean Ver.) Lyrics

The Feels (Korean Ver.) Lyrics

심장도 뛴다고 말해줘 (말해줘)
‘Cause I’m boom-boom-boom
From head to toe and I (Yeah, head to toe)

알 수 없는
이 끌림이 느낌
A mystery 했 넌
Gotta get to know you more
‘Cause I, 오랫동안의 connection
자연스럽게 끌림은 attraction-ah
I got the feels for you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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The Feels (Korean Ver.) Song Details

Song: The Feels (Korean Ver.)
Album: Formula of Love: O+T=˂3
Singer: TWICE
Written: CHAEYOUNG, ​collapsedone, Boy Matthews, Anna Timgren, J-Hype
Composer: ​collapsedone, J-Hype, Anna Timgren
Label: JYP Entertainment