Turkish Lyrics – Action Bronson

Turkish Lyrics from Cocodrillo Turbo is the latest English song sung by Action Bronsonand featuring Meyhem Lauren.Turkish song lyrics written by Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren and produced by The Alchemist.


Turkish Song Details

Song: Turkish
Album: Cocodrillo Turbo
Singer: Action Bronson
Written: Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren
Producer: The Alchemist
Featuring: Meyhem Lauren

Turkish Lyrics

Woop, woop
Doctor Turbo

I pull up, jump out, choke you out, hit the death roll
Then slide off like Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl
El Cocodrillo collecting all souls

But if you try me I’ma put that ass to bed
From this top floor view I could see the whole strip
Jump out the window like I got wings on
Your physical features
And I flee off and drive Z4’s
With skis where the wheels supposed to be
Clubs from Persia like the
I love the taste of raw meat
I rock the long white robe fashion
With the scope
Ask your moms, your boy’s been gone
Rocking Sean John
Like I got one arm
Smoke drugs like I got four lungs
Knock the horse out you rode in on
Hit him twice ’cause he had a chin on
Hit the spin on him
I need the money on the table by this morning

Uh-huh, you heard me
I need the money on the table by this morning
These motherfuckers, man
Just have the money on the table by this morning

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